Google Races to Catch Up in AI Race: Introducing AI Writing Tool in Docs and Mail


Google has recently announced the upcoming integration of its generative AI technologies across all its platforms, including Docs, Sheets, Meet, Mail and Slides. This AI writing tool is expected to be available in the US by the end of the month.

How AI Works In Google Workspace

The AI writing tool in Docs and Gmail will enable users to generate full emails and create images, videos, and audio for presentations in slides. The AI system will complete the writing within seconds and let users edit and refine it with more suggestions.

Google’s Commitment To Better Output

Following its tepid response to Bard’s introduction, Google has doubled its efforts to bring out better output with this new feature. It is designed to ensure enterprise-level safety, security, and privacy for developers building genapps.


Although AI is no replacement for ingenuity or creativity of real people, Google’s new AI integration could prove useful for many tasks such as email generation or summarizing text. The feature is expected to be available in English-language only for U.S users by the end of March 2023.


Google’s upcoming generative AI integration across its various platforms could make many tasks easier for users such as generating emails or summarizing text quickly with accuracy.